I miss you

Looking across the street, searching for a glimpse of your face.  Even though the last time I saw you, wasn’t even close to here. It was me. I walked away from you. I looked back, hoping you would gave me the feeling that I would see you again. But none of that happen.

It’s been a year. A whole year. And I don’t think a day went by that I didn’t think of you. I try to remember. I try to remember everything. Your laugh, your gaze, your scent. I think I remember, but I’m not actually sure. I doubt myself. Is that how you really laughed? Is that how you really smelled? Should I’ve even left you?

When I’m walking down the street, trying to think of you next to me. How it could have been and realizing that it’s never going to be this way. You changed my view. My thoughts are all over the places now and I don’t like it. I want to meet you again. And see your beautiful face again. Hear you laugh and hold your hand.

Sometimes I imagine you holding me. Sometimes it really feels like you here. Other times I just cry. I try to search for the feelings I had for you. But sometimes I’m not even sure what I was feeling. I just know that everything felt right.

I hope you’re doing alright. I hope you don’t blame me for leaving. I hope you understand.




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