handle with care

are you for real?
like, seriously?

i tried so hard to keep my guard up
i tried so hard to not let you in

every single time when i saw you i gave a little of myself
a little bit, a little piece

i told you; handle with care
don’t throw my pieces everywhere

i noticed in the beginning you did
you let me trust you so i gave you more bit by bit

you know i broke once before
you were the one who helped me pick up my pieces from my floor

so what was it? were you bored?
were all the boundaries not yet explored?

you started to let one piece fall
i hardly even noticed it was only so small

i just stood there watching you
you knew it bruised me, but i will be fine, you knew

but you noticed i stopped giving my bits
maybe you asked yourself why, because you started to build me with someone else her bricks

have you not noticed they do not fit?
don’t you see the miss align or are you just scared to admit

i can see my pieces laying on your floor
i can pick them up, do not mind me i have been here once before

when i am done collecting every single piece of my heart
i’m ready to let you go and make a restart

let me be honest and say my mind
you let me down and i felt declined

but do not worry my old friend
my greatest days are yet to be spend

you are a good person and so am i
i just do not get the things you have done and would like to ask why

but i know i will not be satisfied with whatever you say
we are done and it is time to move on, we should not overstay

just one advise for the next person you see
handle with care, i’m not just saying this to you but also to me

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