beach poetry palmwriting

hi handsome, you again

i have seen you a lot lately

each and every time is better than the previous time

we are on our way to the beach

i am hoping to see some falling stars to wish to spend more time

to see your beautiful smile a million more times

he is asking what i am thinking

Not much, I’m just enjoying the summer, with you. What ’bout you?

he said something similar back

i see a dog walking
i love dogs

in my head i am remembering a video of a cute little pug barking i wuv you i am clearing laughing out loud right now

I wuv you.

i heard him saying something back

what did he say? he really said i love you, too?

oh my, i do love him

i looked at him
this was the first time
i smiled at him
this was the first time of many more

Do you remember the first time you said I love you to your love?

let me know in the thoughts below 🙂


  1. Yes, I remember when I told my husband I loved him. That was about 18 years ago now. I guess our love is a legal adult! Wow. 🙂

    He told me first. I was gun shy. It took me a few weeks longer. The first time I told him, I whispered my love to his foot. Eventually, I was brave enough to share with the rest of him.

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