not so long ago

well i remember
strolling around

trying to think of each and all the things that we’ve ever done

and i remember
not even long ago

saying all the sweet things to me like ‘honey, i love you so’

but now, all those memories have changed
from loving you to the highs
to the darkness at the lows

but i crawled back up
standing on both feet now
and look at me now

well i believe i’m even higher now
you can’t even reach me now
you can’t even touch me now
well, try to break me now

sometimes i still look back
i don’t have regrets
but man, i was such a naive little prat
trying to get what i can’t get
what you don’t even deserve to get

driving around
windows rolled down
watching the sun go down
look at me now
being so bright right now





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