not really finished

hi you.

it’s been a long time. that doesn’t mean that you’re not on my mind though.

i decided to share something with you. it’s kinda personal. so don’t kiss and tell.

when i used to go through my photos it made me sad, but lately it fills me with energy and joy.

i’m actually starting to feel less insecure and even a little proud of who i am. this maybe not sound as a big secret, but you know people are just really selfish and don’t want others to succeed.

it feels good knowing that someone still cares for me. that you still care for me. when i need someone, i can always talk to you.

at this moment, i’m okay, i’m okay with how things are. i’m still growing as a person. and i will continue for the rest of my life. but i’m truly okay, for now.



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